Erpice baulatore modello CBP3B4250 - 140-200 HP


New generation large bed forming rotary tiller, suitable for high power tractors (140-200 HP). Its peculiarity is to prepare the seeding bed in a single passage modelling the soil in separate rows (ridges).
The temperature of the prepared soil is then 7-8°C higher than that of the traditionally worked ground thanks to the larger surface exposed to sun rays; the culture coming up results therefore up to 2-3 weeks ahead of its time. The roots develop longer due to the high softness of the ground. This model assures the best drainage of excessive irrigation water or rain avoiding backwaters, which would cause root suffocation, thus granting the young plants the best humidity conditions.

an easy-to-assemble optional kit allows the transformation of this model into a stone burier rotary tiller.

• Side cardan shafts with automatic clutches
• Furrowers = 2 lateral discs, 2 central tines
• Dampers on the 3 rear bonnets
• 3 gear-cases closing systems for transportation (no. 2 hydraulic ones + No. 01 manual one, all with locking valve)
• Rear lights for transportation
• Beds height 100/200 mm.

• Kit double tineholding flanges.
• Soil loosener tine


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