Inte-row power harrow IC ICARO - 20-80 HP


This new inter-row power harrow revolutionizes and substitutes the hoe’s and the multiple miller’s work in row cultivations such as tomatoes, maize, beetroot, strawberries, soy-beans, tobacco, potatoes, etc. It is able to crumble the soil between the crops at a speed up to 8-10 km/h pulverizing it without damaging the young plants.
The distance between the work units can be adjusted according to the different crops making the units slide along their supporting beam. Every work unit is strongly built and equipped with hot moulded steel rotors and knife-teeth; the working depth can be adjusted acting on the rear roller.
The rear clod smashing bar helps level the crumbled ground.
With a single passage this inter-row power harrow prepares a perfectly flat surface thus helping the pickers’ work, it covers weeds, favours the ground’s oxygenation and drainage, improves and accelerates the plants’ growth..

Allestimento di serie:
• Height adjustable side protections
• Rear clod smashing bar
• Pair of soil loosener tines
• Gearbox with bevel gears in oil-bath.

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