Power harrows CA - 50-120 HP


This model has been designed according to advanced technical criteria to answer to the new work and safety requirements.
The structure of this power harrow has been implemented to improve its stress resistance.
The special design and inclination degree secure a functional and efficient use of the blades, thus limiting the power absorption and improving the earth crumbling.

Allestimento di serie:
• 31 cm Knife-teeth
• Tine-holder shaft Ø 45 mm
• 15° Tineholder phase to avoid vibrations
• Gears in oil bath
• Gear box in wear-resistant steel
• Cardan shaft with safety bolt
• Universal 3-point hitch
• Double speed gearbox, PTO 540 or 1000 RPM
• PTO centred to the 3-point hitch
• Clod smashing bar
• Roller adjustment through pins
• Movable side protections
• Rear PTO
• "CE" safety protections
• Stone protections.

• Rams for clod smashing bar adjustment.
• Knife-teeth quick release device.
• Hydraulic linkage 2 cylinders.

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