Rompicrosta OXY - 60-150 HP


Available in different working widths, the OXY crust breakers measuring more than 240 cm can be closed manually or hydraulically to comply with road traffic regulations. The cog-wheel is made of two disks of cold-pressed sheet iron assembled with steel rivets and by 16 hot-pressed high-resistance steel teeth. The wheels, mounted on a rocking-arm in pairs, are supported by a steel pin on a double-sealed bearing.
The arm carrying the cog-wheel has a special spring which can be adjusted in different positions according to the different kinds of soil.
It is perfect in all emergency situations because it breaks up the hard surface crust helping the young plants emerge evenly. It has also some effect on weeds hindering their growth.

Allestimento di serie:
• It increases the number of tubercles to a considerable extent by assisting root spread
• It inters any covering manure
• It helps the temperature increase in the top soil layer.
• It levels any furrows left by seed drills improving harvesting conditions.

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